Welcome to Bound by the Cloak, a podcast about candid stories that are seldom heard. We dare to discuss topics that aren’t always easy to talk about. Join us as we hear from ordinary people with extraordinary experiences. Everyone has a story to tell and we’re here to listen.

In Season 1, you’ll hear stories of hope and sadness, stories of candor and courage. You’ll hear heart-warming stories of love and compassion, fear and faith. You’ll hear stories of the best and the worst of times.

Be sure to check back periodically for updates on the release of Season 1 and additional posts on the making of Bound by the Cloak!

Bound by the Cloak is brought to you by Zoey and Chandi. Join us in our journey of finding interesting and unspoken tales waiting to be told.

Disclaimer: The views expressed by Bound by the Cloak guests are their own and their appearance on the podcast does not imply an endorsement of them or any entity they represent. The views and opinions expressed of the hosts are their own and do not reflect the view of their employers.