Season 1

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Season 1 – Episode 13

Sister of Mercy

Sister Helen Prejean has worked tirelessly over the years to abolish the death penalty and has accompanied several death row inmates to their executions. We caught up with Sister Helen to discuss the faults of the justice system, exposing the reality behind capital punishment and much more. Show Notes: Books by Sister Helen:Dead Man Walking…

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Season 1 – Episode 12

Getting to Know You

Tracing your family roots and finding distant relatives can be fun and exciting for some, and nerve racking for others. Why are some more interested in their family history while others aren’t? What happens when your results don’t match the family lore that has been passed down for generations? We had a chance to chat…

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Season 1 – Episode 11

Blue Pill, Black Pill, Red Pill

What makes someone an incel? Are they all violent or is there more to this online community? We caught up with Sarah Daly, a professor of criminology, about her work and research on the incel community. We discuss everything from what makes someone an incel to how the community is portrayed by the media. Show…

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Season 1 – Episode 10

Money is My Business and Business is Good

How much do you really know about the inner workings of Wall Street? In this episode we talk to Karen Ho, the author of “Liquidated: An Ethnography of Wall Street”, about how Wall Street functions, and the ways it affects everyday people. Show Notes: Website:Faculty Profile: Karen Ho, University of Minnesota

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Season 1 – Episode 9

Biding All the Time You Took

The story of the San Antonio Four is a sad and unnerving truth about the wrongful convictions of four young women in the late 90’s. In this episode we had the honor of speaking with Anna Vasquez, one of the San Antonio Four, about the case, her release from prison and her fight for justice…

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Season 2 – Episode 8

Positive Life Control

Sometimes we get so consumed with work that we don’t stop and think about the other important aspects of life. It can be hard to maintain a healthy balance between our professions and occupations and our personal lives. Carol had dreams and aspirations, but they fell by the wayside as she became more and more…

Season 1 – Episode 7


When they get it wrong, do journalists have an ethical responsibility to make things right? In 1994 Donna Minkowitz wrote a well known article about Brandon Teena after his murder that inspired some and prompted outrage among others. After years of reflecting on how her original article was written and interpreted, Donna wrote a second…

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Season 1 – Episode 6

Grande Horizontale

Sex work is the oldest profession in the world, one which has changed drastically over the years. Sex work is real work, so let’s treat it that way. A sex worker shares her story of how she got into the profession, and her advocacy to decriminalize the profession. Show Notes: Websites:Global Network of Sex Work…

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Season 2 – Episode 5

Which Direction Home?

What do you do when you lose the people closest to you and have no where to go? Can you imagine having to live out of your car? Hear one woman’s tale of being homeless and how she survived. Show Notes: Websites:The National Alliance to End HomelessnessThe National Coalition For The Homeless

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Season 1 – Episode 4

Resilient: Part 2

This is the conclusion of our two-part episode with Greg Bucceroni. In honor of Sexual Assault Awareness Month, we also discuss sexual assault statistics, the assistance survivors can receive, and we shed light on the amazing work that various organizations do to support survivors of sexual assault. In particular, we spoke with Rachel Copen from…

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Season 1 – Episode 3

Resilient – Part 1

The Penn State child sex abuse scandal in 2011 rocked the nation. However, prior to and since the Sandusky case, there have been a number of child sex abuse and trafficking cases. How is it that some of the most powerful people, that have gained the trust of their communities, are able to commit such…

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Season 1 – Episode 2

Just Me and You

Marriage rates have declined, and there’s been a rise in single motherhood by choice. What does it mean to be a single mother by choice, and what motivates them to be one? Hear one woman’s story of becoming a mother and all of the obstacles she had to face along the way. Show Notes: Articles:This…

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Season 1 – Episode 1

Wise in Good, Innocent in Evil

The Satanic Panic instilled fear in communities across America and beyond. Go on a journey with us back in time as we delve into the climate of fear that plagued the 80’s and 90’s. We also reflect on how moral panics have affected society for centuries. Show Notes: Books by David Frankfurter:Evil Incarnate: Rumors of…