Episode 10: Money is My Business and Business is Good Bound by the Cloak

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Positive Life Control

Sometimes we get so consumed with work that we don’t stop and think about the other important aspects of life. It can be hard to maintain a healthy balance between our professions and occupations and our personal lives. Carol had dreams and aspirations, but they fell by the wayside as she became more and moreContinue reading “Positive Life Control”


When they get it wrong, do journalists have an ethical responsibility to make things right? In 1994 Donna Minkowitz wrote a well known article about Brandon Teena after his murder that inspired some and prompted outrage among others. After years of reflecting on how her original article was written and interpreted, Donna wrote a secondContinue reading “Reflection”

Grande Horizontale

Sex work is the oldest profession in the world, one which has changed drastically over the years. Sex work is real work, so let’s treat it that way. A sex worker shares her story of how she got into the profession, and her advocacy to decriminalize the profession. Show Notes: Books: Revolting Prostitutes The FightContinue reading “Grande Horizontale”

Which Direction Home?

What do you do when you lose the people closest to you and have no where to go? Can you imagine having to live out of your car? Hear one woman’s tale of being homeless and how she survived. Show Notes: Books: Golden Gates (2020) written by Conor Dougherty No Room of Her Own: Women’sContinue reading “Which Direction Home?”