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Film Me In

Minority representation in film and television is something that has been brought up by many. From #oscarssoehite and even well before it, the representation of minorities of all kinds has been discussed in many ways and from all angles. We caught up with film and television critic Kristen Maldonado to discuss how minority representation inContinue reading “Film Me In”

The (in)visible Ruins

From booming, industrial meccas to abandoned, desolate, long forgotten spaces, New Jersey’s industrial coast has changed a lot over the years. Largely ignored by the majority of those that pass by every single day, the old railroad tracks, abandoned buildings, and uninhabited landscapes that lie in ruin from time to time breathe signs of lifeContinue reading “The (in)visible Ruins”

Sister of Mercy

Sister Helen Prejean has worked tirelessly over the years to abolish the death penalty and has accompanied several death row inmates to their executions. We caught up with Sister Helen to discuss the faults of the justice system, exposing the reality behind capital punishment and much more. Show Notes: Books by Sister Helen: Dead ManContinue reading “Sister of Mercy”

Getting to Know You

Tracing your family roots and finding distant relatives can be fun and exciting for some, and nerve racking for others. Why are some more interested in their family history while others aren’t? What happens when your results don’t match the family lore that has been passed down for generations? We had a chance to chatContinue reading “Getting to Know You”


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