Justice Lost, Justice Gained

Anthony Broadwater was convicted of the sexual assault of Alice Sebold, the author known for works such as Lucky and The Lovely Bones. Years later, with the help of film producer Timothy Mucciante, Anthony was exonerated of the crime due to discrepancies and inaccuracies in the author’s story and memoir. All of this has hadContinue reading “Justice Lost, Justice Gained”

Results May Vary – Inside the World of Sperm Donation

In season 1 we spoke with Kasi about being a single mom by choice so we decided to delve in to the world of sperm donors. In this episode we hear from a private sperm donor as well as the biological child of a sperm donor. John, a sperm donor from California is a privateContinue reading “Results May Vary – Inside the World of Sperm Donation”

Strike a Chord

Ariel Lask is an accomplished singer-songwriter and musician who has been on professional musical journey with plenty of highs and lows. She is also a co-host of the podcast “Breaking Through”, which she hosts with musical artist Twinnie. Ariel discussed her journey’s ups and downs, navigating the world and harsh reality of the music industryContinue reading “Strike a Chord”

Flashover: Piecing It All Together

After we spoke with Karen Boes, we had the chance to chat with John Lentini, an expert in fire science and investigations. We discussed the history of fire science and investigations, as well as the new developments made in fire investigation techniques over the last twenty years. John also talked to us about the typesContinue reading “Flashover: Piecing It All Together”

Motive: Unknown – Part 2

This is part 2 of Shannon and Wayne’s personal accounts of their experiences during and after the Route 91 Harvest Festival shooting on October 1st of 2017. Show Notes: Articles: 1 October First Responders and Mental Health | Nevada Week Las Vegas mass shooting survivors turn to each other to find strength through tragedy ‘TheContinue reading “Motive: Unknown – Part 2”