Motive: Unknown – Part 2

This is part 2 of Shannon and Wayne’s personal accounts of their experiences during and after the Route 91 Harvest Festival shooting on October 1st of 2017. Show Notes: Articles: 1 October First Responders and Mental Health | Nevada Week Las Vegas mass shooting survivors turn to each other to find strength through tragedy ‘TheContinue reading “Motive: Unknown – Part 2”

The (in)visible Ruins

From booming, industrial meccas to abandoned, desolate, long forgotten spaces, New Jersey’s industrial coast has changed a lot over the years. Largely ignored by the majority of those that pass by every single day, the old railroad tracks, abandoned buildings, and uninhabited landscapes that lie in ruin from time to time breathe signs of lifeContinue reading “The (in)visible Ruins”

Blue Pill, Black Pill, Red Pill

What makes someone an incel? Are they all violent or is there more to this online community? We caught up with Sarah Daly, a professor of criminology, about her work and research on the incel community. We discuss everything from what makes someone an incel to how the community is portrayed by the media. ShowContinue reading “Blue Pill, Black Pill, Red Pill”