Keeping the Faith

S2 Episode 10: Keeping the Faith Bound by the Cloak

Corey Nathan is the host of the podcast Talkin’ Politics & Religion Without Killing Each Other. Corey shared his experience with finding the spiritual path that was right for him, what it was like converting to a different religion, the effects of politics seeping its way in to religion and his New Jersey roots.

Corey Nathan was raised in an observant Jewish household attending an Orthodox synagogue. His family is mostly from Brooklyn, NY; but Corey grew up on the Jersey side – Bruce Springsteen country! In his late 20s, much to the family’s chagrin, Corey became a Born-again Christian. Not long after this epiphany, however, the new believer began to find many of the prevailing sociopolitical positions of contemporary American Evangelicalism to be at odds with the very Scriptures that are supposed to be Christians’ authority. Vocationally, Corey started out as a stockbroker (Series 7, Series 63) during the day while he was studying at a theatre conservatory at night. Since then, he’s been an entrepreneur with one foot in business and one foot in creative pursuits having built and managed such endeavors as:
● a specialty headhunting firm
● a theatre and film ensemble
● a residential and commercial service company
● a 501c3 to help folks during the pandemic
●and most recently a new media/content company.

Avocationally, Corey continues to be a student of theology, politics and culture and enjoys sharing invigorating conversations with world-renowned experts of these subjects on the podcast he produces and hosts,Talkin’ Politics &Religion Without Killin’ Each Other. He can also be caught having these same kinds of discussions with friends and family over a good whiskey or glass of wine with the music of Monk, Coltrane or Louis Armstrong setting the mood. Corey has been married to Lisa for almost 25 years and has 3 kids, Savannah (21), Jackie-boy(18) and Emerson (17) along with the family pooches, Bailey and Charles Mingus the 3rd. As for rumors of his exploits in the world of Texas Holdem Poker, we can neither confirm nor deny those reports.

Photo by Corey Nathan

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