After Kasi’s Episode & Speaking with John and Nate

Bound by the Cloak

Hey everyone! First, I just thought I would say that we decided to start doing a website blog so we could post more personally and connect with our listeners and fans. This will give us a chance to delve even deeper in to some of our episodes and themes.

Anyway, I thought it would be a good idea to give more of a backstory in to why it was a good idea for us to do an episode on sperm donation after Kasi’s episode from season 1.

The average cost of IVF tratements for even just one cycle is over $12,000 and it could even be double that… It’s super expensive and pricing can vary. Although Kasi was able to successfully use IVF, not everyone has that option. Even getting sperm from a sperm bank in itself is expensive. That can range from a few hundred dollars to somewhere in…

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